The best Secondary School for Girls in Tanzania

The School differs from Others

How do we differs from other schools in Tanzania

Consider the following Services

Exceptional Study Tours
We offer study tours (both domestic and abroad) to our learners in order to expose them to real life situations and out of class learning and general exposure. A considerable amount of thought is put into providing trips and extra-curricular activities which are both diverse and valuable in a student’s wider development, enabling them to discover what Tanzania (mainland and Zanzibar) and the rest of world has to offer. Upmost consideration is taken into each and every student’s safety and well-being during these tours and trips. Therefore, comprehensive risk assessment is done well in advance before the tours and trips.

Abroad Scholarship
The school is unique because our students have an Opportunity to study in International Universities directly from us.

Exceptional Learning discipline
Students and teachers at the Bright Future Girls’ Secondary School exhibit a great deal of mutual respect, alongside a shared sense of fun and a desire to succeed. Our teaching staff fully invests in ensuring that every child in their care strives for greatness and achieves her best in all areas of the Tanzania education system, including extra-curricular activities. This is what makes the Bright Future Girls’ Secondary School one of the best schools in Tanzania.

Bright Future Girls’ Secondary and High School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all the students in its area. Our staff is very approachable and they ensure that the students are aware of the fact that their teachers are there to offer help or advice at any time, or simply to have a chat and a laugh with. This is possible because trust is an inbuilt part of the Bright Future Girls’ Secondary and High School framework.

Any pastoral concerns that arise amongst students are largely taken care of by class teachers and Matrons. The chance to talk things through is often enough to sort our most issues. If the problem is of a more significant nature then the class teacher or Matrons can seek guidance from Heads of Guidance and Counseling team and the Head of School. Likewise, students are always welcome to approach these members of staff directly.

We seek to enhance levels of confidence and self-esteem wherever possible amongst our students, as well as offering consistent reminders of the values required to be a moral citizen. Our school assemblies reinforce important moral lessons and our focus on half termly values across the schools ensure that students and staff are regularly discussing and thinking about some of life’s most important values.

Regular communication with parents is a vital way for us to ensure that potential problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently. The happiness of our children here at the Bright Future Girls’ Secondary School is reflective of the success of the teamwork involved within the Bright Future Girls’ Secondary School. At Bright Future Girls’ Secondary and High School, different religious groups and denominations conduct their services as well and are attended to and guided by leaders specially selected and given the hallowed responsibility by the school administration